See how we transform student transportation in three simple steps.


We send a team to take a first-hand look at your current transportation system and identify any gaps.


We carry out the most effective solution, including routing and logistics, based on your current needs and budget.


Each year, we run an in-depth analytics report detailing opportunities for improvements, then adjust the solution as needed.

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There’s always a better way to school. We’re constantly pushing for higher efficiency and lower operational cost.

What You Receive

Customized Offerings

You’ll have a wide range of services at your disposal—from contract or managed services for student transportation and charter rentals to consulting services for routing and fleet management. Whatever you need, our agile team will identify your specific issues and craft a custom solution for your operation.

Localized Managers, National Support

With a fleet of 1,500+ buses, we’re big enough to handle an operation of any size. You’ll have your own team of localized managers plus key contacts at the home office to ensure everything runs successfully.

Better First Day

Whether you’re migrating from district-operated to contracted or contractor to contractor, we put a lot of work into your operation upfront and make adjustments early and often so that your first days with Apple Bus will be better than an average day with your current system.

Smarter Tools

Intelligent Routing

Our tech experts use a combination of intelligent routing tools to generate logistics reports and improve your operation with real-time information.

Better On-Bus Tech

Our on-bus tech is cutting edge and comprehensive between Seon camera systems and a suite of Zonar tools, including HD GPS, electronic inspection reporting, and fleet management tracking.

Apple Bus Dashboard

This proprietary tool tracks key data points and GPS locations, allowing administrators to get a snapshot view of current metrics or a historical view to identify trends.

A Safer Ride

Providing a safe ride is the most important thing we do. From rigorous screening and training practices for drivers to enhanced bus technology and continuous fleet maintenance, we work hard to maintain one of the best safety records in student transportation.