Apple Bus - Why Customize and Adjust Your Student Transportation Every Year

At Apple Bus, we believe every school district’s student transportation program should be revisited at least once a year. Why? Each year, factors such as enrollment, district lines, or even city construction can change enough that they should impact what you’re doing for your student transportation.

For our schools in New Orleans, we were able to reduce annual spend by $300,000, even with an added 200 students. For our schools in the Kenai Peninsula Borough of Alaska, our improvements in route efficiency and the introduction of a tiered busing system reduced the number of buses by six and save the district nearly $600,000 a year.

Even little improvements, like the consistent route changes we make for our Austin schools due to the city’s constant construction, can make a big difference. That’s why for each of our clients, each year, we run an in-depth analytics report detailing opportunities for improvements, then adjust the solution as needed.

It’s a core part of our process not only because of the real-world factors like the ones mentioned above but because we believe there is always a way to be better at what we do—whether that’s by improving safety technology at the bus level or calculating smarter routes for the entire system.

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