Public, private, or charter. Suburban, city, or rural.
1 bus or 500.

We shape our solution to what you need—whether that means developing unique routing systems, developing a co-op with your district, or specializing our fleet.

New Orleans,
SCHOOL DISTRICTS: FirstLine, ReNew, and Crescent City Schools
DISTRICT SIZE: 9,500 students

Our first out-of-region contract and cooperative operation, FirstLine schools believes every child should be able to go to a great school of their choice, and we’re proud to help make that mission a reality.

They need to get students spread across a broad area to five open-enrollment charter schools on time without making sacrifices in quality equipment or drivers. Our initial contract with FirstLine was so successful that two other districts soon joined.

Because of the way that Apple Bus is able to organize routes and the efficiency they can gain, the overall cost is significantly lower.

Joseph Neary, Chief Operating Officer, FirstLine Schools
Kenai Peninsula Borough,
SCHOOL DISTRICTS: Kenai Peninsula Borough School District in Soldotna, Homer, and Seward, AK
DISTRICT SIZE: 8,800 students

To prepare for an extremely harsh winter climate in a district spread out over 25,000 square miles, we have equipped each school bus with advanced, real-time GPS, instant tire chains, studded tires, and additional engine block heaters, insulation, and lighting.

The unique two-tier busing system we developed reduces the number of buses by six and saves the district nearly $600,000 a year.

(Learn more about this solution on our blog)

They’re concerned about the safety of our students to the point that they are actually building buses to a higher standard than we require them to.

Dave Jones, Assistant Superintendent
Appleton City,
DISTRICT SIZE: 360 students

Our first student transportation client, Appleton City has been a loyal customer since the very beginning. As their needs have changed over the years, we’ve adapted and improved their program to what’s right for them. Continuously customizing a solution on this level based on changing needs, no matter how big or small those needs are, has been essential to our operations since we first started.

Improving Every Year

All of these clients are still with us (98% of all our clients are), and their solutions are revisited and improved each year.
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